Thursday, April 19, 2012

I danced in front of Amazon.

My birthday yesterday was spent (mostly) in two ways.

1) I'm finding myself starting to get that cloggy, icky feeling one gets when they start coming down with the crud.  Yesterday was spent sucking oranges and cough drops and begging the powers that be to spare me from this nastiness.  I don't need to battle an illness while studying for finals and getting ready to move.  Someone hand me a box of tissues, please.  The kind with lotion in it, preferably.

2) I spent yesterday running to my computer every hour or so to check the rankings of The Influence during my free promotion.  When I started the promotion, I hadn't even thought about rankings until I saw that #61 in science fiction around 10 something yesterday morning.  Something inside me flipped and I danced.  My rankings shot up quickly for much of the day.  They've tapered off now and for the last several hours I've been hovering around #30 in science fiction, around #40 in contemporary, and overall, close to #700.  Hundreds downloaded my ebook yesterday.
Screenshot of my book on the Science Fiction Bestsellers list. And yes, that's my book above a Star Wars novel!

Now, I'm not sure what all these ranking things mean but on a site with millions of titles, I feel like this is an accomplishment.  To break through the top 50 in two non-obscure categories and to break through the top 1000 overall... it's been fun to watch.

Another screen shot that shows my overall rank. If you can't see it, just click the pic to see the original size.
I'm still running the promotion throughout today so if you haven't grabbed your copy, go grab it now!  If you're reading this after-the-fact, don't worry.  I'll run another promotion sometime either in May or June where I will give The Influence away for free for three days and will include some weekend time in that. Or you can just pay the $2.99 to buy it. It wouldn't hurt my feelings none. :)

In the meantime, I hope your week is going great!

Peace, love, and snot,


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