Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Thing About Love

Love is a clich├ęd thing
With its edges and seams
Patches and protrusions

Love is a wild thing
With its cries and screams
Scrapes and bruises

Love is a tired thing
With its braces and themes
Branches and uses

But it doesn't matter.

Love is a true thing
With its life and dreams
Bursting with new

Though time wears us thin
And life rubs us raw
The trail is left dim
When a breath we can't draw

For love is a great thing
That binds us through
For when I think of love in this way
I always think first of you

Thursday, April 18, 2013

35 ain't so bad

Today, at exactly 10:18am Central European Time, I turned 35. If we want to get technical about it, it would mean that I turned 35 very, very early this morning since I'm across the world from there now. Whatever. If I do too much math, my brain will explode.

I try to write a reflection post or share a story from the previous year on every birthday. I actually didn't have anything planned for this blog today. I had planned on cracking open my history text and cramming for two chapter tests today and forming my thesis and outline for my major research paper. Finals are on the horizon and I'm super stressed lately.

But as I think about the last year, I realize that I do have something to write. My last several birthday posts have been written when I've been saturated with a feeling of gloom. I could feign happiness and preach happiness, but ultimately, it was a way for me to long for that which I could not reach.

Today, I can say that those clouds have moved on.

I have my problems, as does everyone, but I can say with certainty that I am an overall happy person. I am chugging along in school, I am writing, I have a beautiful circle of friends and family. I stood up, I decided I needed a change, and I did it. I put those people who created drama to the back burners and moved forward those who uplifted me. I decided that I would work harder to get the results I desired and I'm doing that. I have a couple of wonderful children who are so fantastic, I can hardly believe I gave birth to them and raised them. I have a husband that keeps me laughing and makes my days brighter. I have sisters and friends who, though I don't have lots of time for them all lately, are understanding and loving.

You know, we all have our bad points and fits of gloom occasionally but there is nothing that says we can't rise up from that.

Overall so far, 35 ain't so bad.

Peace, love, and happiness,