Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Where did "The Suicide of Time Hall" go?

I'm not above criticism. I think everyone (professionals included) should open themselves up to continual learning. That includes feedback.

I received a thought provoking review for "The Suicide of Time Hall" from a reader on Barnes and Noble.  The reviewer said that the concept was good and I seem to be on to something great but what I'd written was a scene, not a story. And after reexamining the story, I think the reader was right.  So I pulled the story from sale and am setting it aside to explore turning into a novel later.  So if you're looking for it and can't find it, that's why.

Bad reviews aren't always "bad reviews". It's easy to pick the mean ones out (those that give you the impression the reader has something personal against you instead of a viable criticism of the story) and it's easy to pick out the ones that really don't make sense (I've gotten bad reviews for my short stories being... well, short).

I appreciate the reviews that give me a sense of what I can do to improve, whether it be the work itself or in general.  I'm in the middle of the Future Past rewrite so it will be awhile before I have anything new out. In the meantime, you can check out The Influence.

Peace, love, and happy writing!


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