Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Here is another poem I did in my writing class. It's a tanka, similar to a haiku. I'm not sure I did it properly; between the subject matter and strict form, it was a difficult task. Nonetheless, I'd like to share it, if only because it resides in a place deep within me and I'd like to let a little light in on it.


The message should have

been spoken, not sent by text

Wiseless words be damned

Sister means heartbreak and pain

And it means leaving, like Mom

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sonnet Poetry - Purpose

Part of my writing class took me into a world of poetry that I had once ignored. I have now learned varying styles, word usages, and more which has opened me up to an entirely new way of viewing my poetry.

The below poem was created for an assignment. We were to write a sonnet. The typical theme of love was optional, as was the structured iambic pentameter (though my professor said she would give us "mad props" if it was in iambic pentameter). So I didn't do the iambic pentameter; I'm not even sure I'm able to identify it by simply reading just yet. I did, however, do a twist on a love theme. My first draft was a bit different than what you see below; my professor knew that the even numbered lines were actual scenarios taken from headlines so she suggested that I change it to read like headlines. I like this version much better.

In any case, here is my sonnet for your enjoyment or scrutiny, whichever you choose. :)

Peace, love, and rhyme,


I don’t understand the world. Why would I?

Five Children Murdered by Their Own Father

I can’t often see beyond my own eyes.

27 Dead in Mass School Slaughter

I glance outside with weariness of heart.

Journalist Beheaded by Terrorists

A slick and gliding fear within me starts.

Domestic Violence Takes a Fatal Twist

Out my window, life is horrifying.

Gay Teen Tweets, “Dad, love me,” Then Shoots Himself

I cover my ears; it doesn’t blind me.

Insurance Lets Man Die: No Wealth, No Health

There’s no doubt; I could have died with this view.

But I learned real Life when God sent me you.