Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving, Creative Writing, and Sudden Allergies

Hi everyone!

I'm taking a few minutes to update because I don't want y'all to think I've abandoned this blog; I've just been busy as of late, which I'm sure many of you can understand and relate to.

Thanksgiving is naturally a time of reflection and I've been reflecting about how absolutely imperfectly perfect everything is! Thing is, something huge happened just a few weeks back; my closest sister moved away. I won't go into detail but it has affected me (and obviously continues to affect me) in a big way. It affected Thanksgiving as well.

Though it still bothers me to a degree, I came home from all the family goings-on and understood that I'm okay. I got to see all my step-children over the holiday weekend along with those precious grandbabies, several in-laws, nieces, nephews... the list is long! So even though there was an obvious dark space in the day, I didn't dwell on it. The next day, my hubs and I spent Christmas shopping and basking in each other's company sans children. Saturday and today have been spent catching up on minor housework, getting the Christmas decorations out, and studying. I have lots to be thankful for but will sum it all up by saying that I'm thankful for life. Crappy things are going to happen sometimes but I can't let it bog me down. Nothing is ever going to be perfect but they can still be great.

I hope y'all have had a great Thanksgiving as well. :)

In the meantime, school is going along swimmingly. The new college has been an adjustment but overall, I feel I'm doing pretty well and it's made me all-the-more excited about my upcoming teaching career. By the time I graduate, I'm pretty sure I'll be bursting at the seams with excitement.

I mentioned some time back that I would be taking an official creative writing course. Prior to this, I've never taken a professional course in writing (if you don't count other college English courses or short workshops). I have to say that it is just as much a challenge as I thought it would be. I've both loved it and hated it and at times I've been frustrated to tears with it. Any writer knows, though, that I've just described the art of writing in its entirety so that's how I know it's working like it is supposed to. It has forced me to think about varying styles and approaches to poetry and storytelling that I wouldn't have had otherwise. At this point, I feel like taking another level writing course would be a great next step. I can't wait!

And onto the next "thing" to crop up... I've somehow developed allergies to... well, I don't really know. I've spend the majority of the last few months trying to keep my nasal cavities from closing on me, keeping the humidifier full, and taking different allergy meds to try to find relief. It hasn't worked too well. My doc says allergies can develop over time so something I might not have been allergic to before, I could very well be allergic to now. I understand that part of it, I'm just annoyed that my chronic back issues apparently aren't enough for my body to deal with, so it has to add this. Imagine sitting with a student during a tutoring session and suddenly your face flushes, your eyes swell and leak, and your nose closes completely so every word comes out numbed and breathless. Then imagine having to assure the student: "No, I swear it's allergies! Your paper isn't making me cry, I promise!"

It's crazy but I'll deal. I'm just curious if others have had a sudden onset of allergies like this. I sometimes feel like I'm out of my mind.

Okay, so it's time for me to close. If I don't chime in around Christmas or New Year's, just know that I'm busy prepping for the future. I haven't forgotten about my readers. I am thankful for all of you and hope that your holidays are fantastic even if they aren't perfect.

Peace, love, and achoo,