Tuesday, July 19, 2016


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Taken near the gazebo along the Fyffe Town Park walking trail. No filters, no editing except for a little cropping and centering.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Running for Fyffe City Council

Hi everyone! I'm announcing my candidacy for Fyffe city council. I'm running because I have a desire to serve, and to show my children and students that community involvement does not have to seem like such a foreign concept.

I have two primary goals in mind as I begin my campaign:

First, I feel like UFO Days needs a facelift. A few years ago, I served on the committee for UFO Days, and while the event is handled well, and is generally just fine otherwise, I feel like it could use an overhaul. For example, it shouldn't have to cost a small fortune for a family of four to come out and have fun. Yes, while some inflatables are free and the music is free, I think that we should really look into adding more free activities, games, and events. When I take my kids out, I am "dollared" to death at these festivals; I can't imagine what it costs those with more than two children! Another example is the lack of music targeting Fyffe's youth. I think we can do a better job at showing the teenagers of Fyffe that we value their participation in the community.

Second, I'd like to explore the possibility of putting together a technology center. Fyffe needs a Wi-Fi hotspot without having to buy drinks and food, and we need a place with multiple computers for the community to use. I can envision tutors teaching Joe Fyffe how to work his email and Jane Fyffe how to create files and folders for the recipes she wants to digitally store. I can envision classes on the basics of computer use, or classes on how to work specific programs or websites. A community technology center would only benefit Fyffe.

A little about me: I have lived in Fyffe most of my life. I'm a graduate of Fyffe High School, Northeast Alabama Community College, and Athens State University. I'm currently an adjunct English instructor at NACC. I've been married to my fantastic husband for eleven years, and am also a mom, stepmom, and Nana. In addition to being a teacher, I am also a writer, editor, and designer. I am capable and ready to serve my community. I hope you vote for me and allow me that chance.

I've been answering questions and sharing thoughts on my Facebook group, Pamela Gifford for Fyffe Council. Feel free to read and/or join!

ETA: Please mark AUGUST 23 on your calendars, and go vote! :)

Thanks y'all!

Peace, love, and voting,