Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Foggy Woods

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Smoky Mountains: still as beautiful as ever.

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My family and I headed out to Gatlinburg last week; we'd had reservations long before the fire. We saw many, many signs of the fire that had passed through, but I wanted to share this pic because it conveys the beauty that still rests there. The scene was amazing really; have you ever seen a place devastated by tornados? Have you ever felt the awe that comes with seeing a patch of destruction here and there, but right next to that destruction are buildings and trees intact? This is how the park felt at Gatlinburg. We saw charred areas, but next to those charred areas were places that were completely untouched. Those burnt scenes came with a sense of renewal and new growth. It also came with a sense of humility; the power that passed through is humbling, and is a reminder of life's short wick.

Peace, love, and gratefulness,