Friday, January 18, 2013

Get both Barriers for FREE!

Quick update: I'm offering my newest release, Barrier: The Purpose of Pain for free, today and tomorrow (Jan. 18 & 19) only, from Amazon. Click over here and do a quick download.

(In my best infomercial voice) But wait! There's more!

While you don't need to have read Barrier: Ethics vs. Duty to enjoy Barrier: The Purpose of Pain, I realize that some may want to read the first one first. So... go download The Purpose of Pain from Amazon for free, then shoot me an email at and I will personally email you a copy of Ethics vs. Duty in Kindle format for free in an attachment. This offer is only good for today and tomorrow while the promotion for Barrier 2 is running.

Here is a teaser excerpt of Barrier: Duty vs. Ethics.
Here is a teaser excerpt of Barrier: The Purpose of Pain.

This is a limited time offer so if you've been wanting to read these, now is the time while both are free.

If you need other formats than Kindle, please be patient. I will run promotions on those later.

Peace, love, and happy reading!


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