Monday, January 21, 2013

About "Barrier" and next projects on the agenda.

During their free promotion days, Barrier: The Purpose of Pain had a few hundred downloads. In addition, I emailed at least two dozen copies or more of Barrier: Ethics vs. Duty. One of the best things about doing a free Amazon promo like that is watching the rankings as people download. When I did The Influence, I watched my rankings in the sci-fi category climb all the way up to #27. I was hoping for higher this time but for some reason, Amazon never posted any rankings. That's part of the excitement about doing a free giveaway and I missed out on it due to what was likely an Amazon glitch. Maybe the next giveaway (I have a couple more days coming up) will be glitch-free.

In any case, I wanted to talk a little about Barrier and my plans for it.

When someone asks me about Barrier, I say, "Think of it as a television series in writing." I hope to do one to two "episodes" a year. I consider myself primarily a character writer so with Barrier, I've created a variety of personalities from a variety of social backgrounds tinkering around in a Universe in chaotic tumble.

When you consider the vast forms of culture and society within this world, it can almost be overwhelming. Every individual lives and breathes from their own perspective. Their personality is a product of their genetics mixed with their environment. When you consider that in a broader setting, several different worlds, for example, the possibilities are endless. And that's what makes Barrier so exciting for me to write.

In any case, click the links below to see excerpts and purchasing options:

Here is a teaser excerpt of Barrier: Duty vs. Ethics.
Here is a teaser excerpt of Barrier: The Purpose of Pain

I hope to have Book 3 of Barrier completed this year, but I do have some other projects to tackle first. My next project is a non-fiction venture that likely won't be released until later this year or early next year. It is an idea generator/brainstorming book for fiction writers of all genres. Next will be the release of my first fantasy novel, Future Past, and I believe I'm more excited about this one than I was my first novel! While I work on Barrier 3, I'm starting work on another non-fiction book for writers. And in between all of that, I have a historical novel pattering around in my head that I'm working on the outline for.

It's gonna be a busy year for me and I'll do my best to keep everyone updated! Thank you so much for your support. Until next time...

Peace, love, and bright ideas,


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