Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Update: Post Surgery and Getting Back to Writing

I'm in a little better mindset since I wrote last Friday. I had my two week post op check-up and the surgeon said I was doing fine. I told him I still had some of the same pain and that part of my left foot was numb. According to him, that is normal. He said that I'd had a very bad rupture (and had even had a piece of my disc broken off in there) and that he'd had to move that root nerve around to get it all fixed. It was understandable that my foot was numb and I'm lucky that it was the only thing that was numb. I would eventually get the feeling back. I asked him about exercise and he said the only thing he wanted me to do was walk. He said I had a pretty big gap back there and he wanted me to continue to take it easy.  I guess I'm just paranoid that after having been in pain for so long that it might never go completely away.

I do feel like I'm starting to get better now. I still have my moments where I have to lie down but I can finally resume working. I can't sit in my computer chair for too long but at least I can do something, whether it's an article or scheduling client posts or setting up a new client blog (which is something I have to do later this week).

I have been able to sit up in the couch (with pillows situated just right) for longer than I can sit in the computer chair. I have a netbook that I use only for my creative writing so I've been catching up on some fiction this way. I finally have the rough draft of the first Barrier story ready for my test readers. Mike Underwood, the editor at Fiction Lake (another online management client of mine), hasn't had much luck finding usable stories so he's asked to take a preliminary look at Barrier. I'm a little nervous about him looking at the rough draft but he can also help me craft it into something worth selling. I'm looking forward to seeing if he'll want to use it for Fiction Lake.

And now comes the task I've been almost dreading. I have to finish reworking Future Past into something that Hadley Rille wants to publish. I'm so nervous about this that just thinking about it makes my stomach do little flops. After researching the publisher, there's no doubt that if they wanted my novel, I'd be more than happy to enter into a contract with them. It's time to roll up my sleeves and do some real work.

And on that note, let's get to it.

Peace, love, and recovery,


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