Friday, May 17, 2013

Email campaign #3 - "Future Past" Announcement and Enter to Win!


Announcement: Future Past coming in early August.

Pamela Caves releases first fantasy novel.

For ten years, Dayel struggled to survive inside the most infamous prison in the world with no memory of who she was before or what she did to get there.  Scars over her body and rumors of mass murder indicate that she might not want to know. She can't believe she could be such a monster, despite evidence to the contrary. All she wants upon her release is to live in quiet solitude.

She soon finds that others have no intention of allowing her the normalcy she desires. On her path, she makes unlikely friends, escapes assassins, and battles unimaginable foes. Her memory begins to return and with it, magic begins to manifest. Terrified that she will hurt someone with her untamed abilities, she begins the journey to unravel her past, for doing so can only ensure her future is lined with peace. But what she finds is more horrifying than she ever thought possible and everything she thought she was comes crumbling down around her.

Now Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. Coming soon to Kobo, Diesel, Apple, Sony, and more.

Sixteen year-old Lenya McKay is told that both her parents were killed when their vehicle imploded. She refuses to accept it, though, and goes off in search for them with the help of new Squad 13 weapon's officer, Corporal Zhoven Spiridon. Instead, they find something they could never have suspected; enemy infiltration. Growing up takes a sudden leap when she is Zhoven's only hope for survival against an unpredictable and brutal enemy. Meanwhile, Sabina has to adjust to her new life without the use of her legs and to a new job; it's the first time in her life she's felt less than adequate.

Countdown to Future Past Promotions

Did you know you can already get many Pamela Caves titles for free? Titles like "The Jump", "Theory of a Tramp", and "An Unusual Cupid" are free on all sites. But the best part? All other titles in Pamela's library will be offered for free throughout the summer! Keep an eye on Pamela's blog and her Facebook page to get coupon codes for free downloads. EVERY TITLE will be FREE at some point this summer in anticipation of the release of Future Past.

Also, we will be doing a drawing for a free, signed copy of Future Past, exclusive to our mailing list subscribers. Current subscribers are already entered. If you wish to subscribe to the mailing list to have a chance to win, click here and register!                      


Read Pamela's new poetry, "The Thing About Love" on her blog.

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