Thursday, May 22, 2014

A look at the new Mathemathics, Science, and Engineering Technology Center at Northeast Alabama Community College

The new building on the Northeast Alabama Community College campus has been under construction for quite some time. I am pleased to have gotten permission from Dr. David Campbell, the college's president, to take some photos for this post.

The Alpha and Beta math labs that were once in the upper level of the gym will now be housed in the in the new Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Technology Center close to the lyceum. In addition, many of the relevant faculty, whose offices were either in the gym or the old math building, have moved into new offices on the second floor of this spacious, beautiful structure. I'm sure they are super-excited. As an added bonus, a tornado shelter is located in the basement.

The dedication for this new addition to NACC will be next month. In the meantime, classes will commence in the new Center this summer. Thanks to Dr. Campbell for allowing me to tour and take photos. It was a joy to see the new addition. Almost makes me wish I was taking classes again!

I am proud to be a former Mustang student and even prouder to be an employee of this wonderful college!

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